Being a creative person doesn’t always pay off , but when it does, it is highly satisfying. My first feature film, Campo de Batalla, which I shot completely independently is currently touring Asia with the Instituto Cervantes, an established institution that promotes the Spanish and Latin-American cultures and the language we share.

The first stop is New Delhi in India where the film will be screened on Sunday 29th Nov at 16.30pm in the address below in case you happen to be there.

48, Hanuman Road
Connaught Place
Nueva Delhi 110 001

I’ve talked about how I made my film in a post published here, the film has brought nothing but satisfaction, from meeting León Gieco, to travelling to Italy, Colombia or Bolivia where it was screened in the iconic Cinemateca Boliviana for a almost one month.

I have a role in the film too. Being a director /actor is a challenge but a very enjoyable if exhausting one.

Whatever is it you wanna do, just do it because even if you can’t see it now, doing something, creating something is the first step of a journey that will definitely take you somewhere.