Rio 2016  Olympic Opening Ceremony kicked off last night. I was curious to see what the Brazilians had created for the biggest show on earth: An Olympic Opening ceremony. And why would I write about the Opening ceremony of the Olympic games?  Because it is close to my heart as I was part of London 2012. You probably don’t know this but I was a performer volunteer in both the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Olympic games that took place in London. It is something that fills me with pride and joy as even though I was one in a million-as they say- you need the one to make the million. I contributed somehow to create a wonderful friendly spirit the city enjoyed for a few weeks and to make an even better Opening and Closing ceremony.

Olympic stadium 26th July 2012, one day before the Opening Ceremony
On my way to a general rehearsal. Feeling so happy that day


This was July 26th, a general rehearsal for friends and family.
27th July 2012. The day of the Opening Ceremony. The olympic stadium behind me.

What an experience that was walking into the Olympic stadium during the Opening ceremony as one of the Placard Bearers of the Athletes Parade section. The one where the flag bearer of every country walks carrying their national flag. I was the girl chosen to walk in the stadium with Cyprus next to tennis player Marcos Baghdatis.It was such a magical time for all of us involved that years on, we are all aware that once we were part of a once in a lifetime experience.

Walking into the Olympic stadium during the Opening Ceremony with Cyprus, in front of me is the Cuban team and behind, the Czech Republic


As we walked past the Greek Athletes they made jokes with Marco. The vibe was incredible on the night

In case you wonder how come I have such good quality pics of myself walking in the stadium,well I really wanted some so that night I asked quite a few photographers from several agencies to please take a pic of Cyprus, many refused but being someone who never gives up, I eventually came across a very kind Japanese photographer and he mentioned he will try. I gave him my email and 3 months later to my surprise he emails me these photos. Forever thankful to him!ありがとう Arigatou!794_759559_158929.jpg

I was not allowed to film that day but it was a very unique moment not to film my own experience at least.In any case, I was not releasing any footage till after it was all over so I  did buy a small compact camera just for the sake of filming my behind the scenes.Here is the video I filmed of the London 2012 Opening Ceremony from my point of view.


Miss North  Korea and I collecting our food from the check in points for performers
My diploma signed by Danny Boyle
During the Opening Ceremony just before we went on the biggest stage ever. We all got a tv shot so our friends and family were watching and they could easily spot us
Made so many friends that summer, it has to be one of the best of my life
Chelsea pensioners. Just lovely people


We rehearsed for months in locations in the middle of nowhere or quite difficult to get to, we rehearsed many days on the pouring rain hoping that on the day of the Opening skies would clear. We got used to hours of waiting around eating a diet of pringles, apples and sandwiches but in the end , it was all very worth it for everyone involved even if no one got paid. Money is not everything in this world and it is wonderful that a lot of people think like that and volunteer their time to either create something or help others.

Industrial revolution performers before going on stage
Performers getting their hair and make up done.
Getting ready



Waiting for our turn, some of the 205 girls taking part in the Athletes parade
The lovely lady fixing my placard . I still have the dress and shoes from the ceremony as we could keep it.
Ready to meet Marcos Baghdatis and lead Cyprus into the stadium and all the way around
Miss Cuba but she is from London
and with Miss Czech Republic who is from China  and me who have never been to Cyprus!

I went for a casting in November 2011 and got intimidated as soon as I arrived to the massive venue full of people wanting the same as me. To be part of the London 2012 Olympics. And then, the movement director told us; Image it is the night of 27th July 2012, and one billion people have their eyes on London and on you, imagine the feeling. I did imagine the feeling because I remember that at that moment when i looked around and felt small surrounded by so many people, an inner light entered my body because I put my heart and soul in everything they asked me to do. When I saw Danny Boyle in the distance keeping an eye on hundreds of potential cast members, I knew I had to be part of it all. And so , when a letter arrived in January 2012 saying I had been selected to be one of the girls in the Athletes parade and that I was also chosen to be part of the Closing ceremony , I wanted to tell everybody but we were told, to keep quiet as the whole ceremony was going to be a surprise and no good to spoil surprises.

Leaving the scene where the eyes of the world were that night


Backstage with some athletes, here with the Australian flag bearer.
Healthy looking athletes from Canada
Algerian Athletes backstage at London 2012
The Danish Girls after the Athletes Parade
Girls just wanna have fun

During rehearsals they were very strict with photography. Photography wasn’t allowed and neither were social media posts about what we were doing. And because as rehearsals progressed we all realised Danny Boyle was creating something just too special, people kept the promise and they kept quiet. No one was selling pictures to the newspapers , no one was posting pictures to twitter or Facebook and everyone was excited about what was to come. A magnificent ceremony. A ceremony that had feeling and spoke to your heart. The key moment of the Opening ceremony for me, was The Pandemonium section showing the Industrial revolution in Great Britain with volunteer drummers led by percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie performing a track by Underworld that gave the world and all of us there that moment, goosebumps . First time I heard this track it was a very cold, very rainy night in Stratford and everyone at the time was saying the London Olympics were going to be a complete disaster ,but the moment when the drummers came into the stadium during rehearsals, I just knew that the Ceremony was going to be a winner, it was just to beautiful and too powerful.

Some of the London 2012 Placard bearers
Towards the finale of the ceremony


View of the stadium from the Media centre


Miss Czec Republic and me

What was great about having Danny Boyle as the chief in command of the opening ceremony was that as an artist and filmmaker, he understood what politicians don’t. Like everyone living and working here, he is aware that London is made of nationalities from all over the world,  that they are part of society not invisible people who are just here, that to represent a city you need to be inclusive not exclusive and that people do come in all shapes, forms, ages, colours, backgrounds. London 2012 was all that and more, the spirit of the volunteers took over the city for three weeks and i have never seen London so vibrant, so friendly, happy and kind.Sadly, that spirit is gone but living and breathing such a positive vibe made you feel alive, the spirit was contagious.

The Olympic flame burning the night of the Opening Ceremony


My two videos about my experience during the opening and closing ceremony have been praised by many of the people who were part of the ceremonies,its the point of view of someone who would have gone unnoticed otherwise but my excitement was shared by many of my colleagues who now probably regret not having filmed their own experience.

Recently, the  BBC contacted me asking for my footage for a programme they did on the Olympics. They loved the videos and they wanted them, however my footage has been online for four years now and somehow, it felt good to say no to them.What matters to me the most is that for a few weeks in the summer of 2012 I was part of a group of wonderful people who made life just a little bit better for everyone around us. We achieved this just by being the best version of ourselves. It was volunteers who made the London 2012 Olympics the best of the 21st century. You cannot buy kindness, you cannot buy smiles, energy, friendliness and positive vibes and all of us together we brought that to the stadium, to the city , and to the world the summer of the London 2012 Olympics. A wonderful moment indeed and a shame the legacy has not lived to its expectations.


These guys…just speechless, they were wonderful

To watch more videos I filmed during London 2012 including the 100, 200 and 400m men’s final click this link

Below Im sharing a video and pictures of London 2012 closing ceremony