Men should be the ones supporting us women stopping once and for all every derogatory word used when referring to women. What’s with the she is so hot ! as if you are either hot or not hot and your worth and value depends on how hot you are. It’s insulting . What about intelligence , honesty , courage , wisdom , values ?


We women are thinking beings. We have a brain and a heart and it is up to us to put an end to the objectification of our gender. It would make us stronger, it would lead to better and more successful relationships and it would make men think twice before putting the hot label on a face and a body. We are soul, spirit and also body . I know i didn’t bring a baby girl into this world for her to believe in Cinderella. She doesn’t need to be rescued, she can rescue herself. There is no prince waiting to save her. She can save herself. Every time I read about a new domestic violence act on a woman my heart sinks. If only the mothers of men could teach them since they are toddlers to respect women, to see them as equal not as someone to marry and have children with, then we may see a decrease in the years to come not only in domestic violence but in the objectification of women because of looks and clothes they wear.