I find pretty much every so called “healthy food guru”and their food, bland. First of all, they speak and preach as if they were experts in matters of health and nutrition but they are not qualified doctors or nutritionists even if they speak as if they were. 

Okay for breakfast not for lunch

These ” experts” will tell you that bread is bad, that pasta is horrendous, that milk is awful and then they try to sell you their book on how to cook a boiled egg on toast. I eat bread , dairy, meat , fish and yes sometimes I drink wine and like many women in many countries , particularly Mediterranean countries and as far as I can see , they look just fine and perfectly healthy and many have a very long enjoyable life. Personally, I know many women- myself included-  for whom  eating avocado on toast and a boiled egg with a sweet potato is their idea of being bored for the rest of their lives . Moreover, everyone I know following one of these detox diets is pretty unhappy with the way they look no matter what. Their conversation is all about their diet, being so concerned about how they look and what they eat makes for pretty boring conversation and unattractive individuals .

Mediterranean women haven’t yet bought into the healthy food guru diet and still they look great and healthy

Many women think eating this bland food will make you thinner . However, it is all about the quality and quantity of the food you eat. So if you eat a steak and chips for lunch and then just a light dinner, you are not gonna put on more weight than if you eat salad , a latte and then snack all day on the so called healthy snacks . The latte, the healthy snacks and the salad sauces have more calories and sugars than the steak and fries.

During my pregnancy I ate proper food. I knew the best way to get iron was though meat and I ate at least one or two steaks per week . I didn’t put on weight except for my belly .In any case , I wasn’t too worried about weight at the time . 

Food is there to be enjoyed . Eating chicken, meat, potatoes , salads , and a varied diet is great for you . Doctors have been saying this forever . What I find a contradiction is, if you are starving just eating some leafs but then adding sauces to everything as they do in Britain; Chips with mayoinesse or keptchup , Steak with sauce instead of just a steak , salmon with sauce , etc, etc . Leave aside the sauces and leave also the alcohol . Wine is fine but Ron , vodka and the lot have loads of sugar so do yourself and your skin a favour and avoid . 

Chocolate con churros? Go for it as endless women do in Spain

Enjoy life and eat what you like . As doctors say everything in moderation is good . I’m currently in Spain and I see many gorgeous looking women eating proper food , drinking wine , having cake and not only do they look great, guess what? They look happy !