This was probably one of the best events I’ve attended this year. Well thought and well organised, I attended a cycling tour of London with a Blue Badge Guide riding the e-bike of all e-bikes: The E6100 bike by Shimano

The E6100 e-bikes combine the fitness possibilities of a traditional bike with the comfort of an electric one that is easily operated.

According to Shimano:

The E6100 is our newest premium e-bike component system packed with high-tech features. It’s designed for everything from traffic-riddled commuting to leisurely trips through the countryside. Travel anywhere your heart desires, knowing you’ll arrive fresh and invigorated.

As someone who spent her childhood watching the Tour de France, Giro de Italia and La vuelta a España, I’ve always been fascinated with cycling and bikes.In recent years, due to the high pollution levels of London busy roads, I’ve been walking more and cycling more in order to contribute my part in making the city air cleaner. Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go, but that’s another story.

Cycling around London landmarks at the end of the summer with the E6100 felt wonderful and extremely comfortable due to a natural riding position.This was an enhanced riding experience thanks to a bike that makes the ride smooth and natural in the not so smooth streets and roads of London.If only you and I could commute to work everyday with this e-bike, commuting would be a pleasure and something to look forward to everyday. I’m seriously considering saving up for one as I’m looking to make my city life, a healthy one, and no better way to start doing that, than with daily bike commutes.


The Shimano team met a group of us for breakfast at the Transport for London Museum in Covent Garden and from there we started the London Tour cycling by iconic landmarks such as Tower Bridge, Smithfield or Spitalfields amongst others. They had a photographer who is also a Blue Badge Guide telling us all about the landmarks we were visiting. This was a fantastic idea as BBG’s train for two years to learn the history of pretty much every London landmark . I do have a few friends who are BBG’s and have in the past done tours of Parliament or the British library with them and I was in awe of their encyclopedic knowledge and passion for what they do. When the tour was over we all had launch at Arabica in Borough Market.


This was a wonderful morning with lovely people where we all had a great time, one of those days for the book of life. Thanks a lot to the Shimano team for organising this and to the PR company that kindly invited me to ride the E6100 e-bike by Shimano.


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