What I love about the Geomag magnetic construction toys is that any member of the family can play with them while having fun and interacting with the little ones.

If any of the adults in the house find therapy balls comforting, this construction toy may help too when the mind needs some soothing and time off during stressful times. For example, I have an elderly family member that suffers from early demetia and when I offered him the Geomag, he spend hours creating some sophisticated designs.

Pic by Geomag

Pic by Geomag

As expected from a STEM-certified and Good Toy Guide accredited product, this toy is a suitable one to teach children about magnetism, engineering and construction.

My toddler enjoys creating the colourful magnetic constructions with the geometric shapes that come with the set and that are made using recycled plastic. Her attempts to connect the magnetic glittery rods to the metal spheres, have also taught her a thing or two about patience.

The 35 pieces of our new Geomag’s Glitter range fit inside the smallest of bags and this set in particular comes with a beautiful pocket size glitter storage box which I take with me everywhere. It was a great toy to have during a recent long train journey where she felt a bit restless.

The Geomag glitter is a “starter” pack, as it can be a bit limiting what you can construct since it comes with only 11 panels, but is still great fun.

Geomag creates their good quality toys in Switzerland and uses 100% renewable energy to produce them. For more information visit www.Geomagworld.com.

*This product was gifted for review purposes but opinions are my own.