Since launching a video I made on love as an ageless and free agent – See below- I’ve been asked many times about  films  I recommend where the woman is the older one in the relationship. It seems that the only film people know is “The Graduate” which is a classic and I love it, but it is definitely not the only one. Also, the relationship between 21 year old Benjamin and middle aged Mrs Robinson is pretty dysfunctional and it is more of an experience than a real loving relationship between two people who are in love. I have created a small list of films that mix functional and loving relationships  between an older woman and a younger man. Here are a few examples to keep you entertained:


This is Mel Gibson first film so worth a watch just to see him playing Tim,  a somewhat mentally challenged 24-year-old man who works as a labourer and is quite naive for his age. A nice 40 something -year-old  woman hires him one day to work for her and they become close little by little. However, the town and his family see her as predatory but love is stronger than any prejudice.

Bright Days Ahead(2013)

(Les Beaux Jours) A sexy French film about a retired and attractive dentist called Caroline who decides to finally learn how to use technology and attends a class for computer beginners. Although she is married, she falls in love with her significantly younger lecturer. It turns out he used to visit her surgery primarily to enjoy looking at her. Her husband finds out about her affair with the admirer and things turn sour between them but it will be up to Caroline to choose between her husband or a young man who can have any woman he wishes.French actor Laurent Lafitte is gorgeous and Fanny Ardant keeps getting sexier and sexier with age. oh là là

In the Bedroom (2001)

I chose it because it stars Marisa Tomei, she is one of those actresses who i wish i could see more of as she is not just a photogenic darling but believable in everything she does.A New England couple’s college-aged son dates an older woman who has two small children and a violent ex-husband who will do anything to stop them seeing each other.

Prime (2005)

A career driven professional from Manhattan is wooed by a young painter, who also happens to be the son of her psychoanalyst.She is 37 and he is only 22 but they do fall in love and enjoy a real relationship.

Brody-The-Graduate-1200.jpgThe Graduate is a classic but the relationship between them is dysfunctional

The Rebound (2009)

In New York City, a single forty something mom going through a divorce captivates her new neighbour, a charming 25 year old man who is way more mature and stable than her ex. Fun, easy watching and hey, when its love, its love not age.

The Piano Teacher (2001)

This is a Michael Haneke film so no light hearted film but a very good film indeed. Isabelle Huppert is her fabulous self as a masochistic Piano Teacher who is romantically pursued by his young student. No easy watching you have been warned!

Malizia (1973)

This is a great film, don’t expect romantic love between any of the protagonists as they are all pretty dysfunctional but I’m including it here because i loved watching it . I  miss these type of films coming from Italy. These days is all about look at us how great we can do beautiful shots, back then, the Italian masters were trying to impress no one and boom , fantastic films that have made it to cinema history were created. Malizia is the story of a  beautiful housekeeper who becomes a romantic attraction to a widower and his three sons. She is more naive and innocent than the three young men together and they will take advantage of her.

Brief Crossing(2001)

Okay you probably know I love French cinema and this one was directed by one of my favourite female directors Catherine Breillat. A young French man and an older English woman spend one night together on a ship. A brief fling with no future but these two seem to love the very fact that whatever they have is temporary and brief. In any case we all know that nothing is forever in life!

Amantes (1991)

This is a Spanish film and while I don’t like it when woman go against one another because of a man it is a good film-The theme is more about the destructive potential of obsessive passion and sexual desire than about two people falling in love. In Amantes love is an uncontrollable passion that ends tragically.